Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when a death occurs?

Firstly you need to make contact with us; we can then begin to assist you. One of the first steps is to arrange for the deceased person to be taken into our care and begin to guide you through the next steps and answer any immediate questions.

Our contact number is 03 341 6117 (answered 24 hours) or alternatively on completion of an online enquiry we will be automatically notified and make contact with you.

What does a Funeral Director do?

Our Funeral Director will meet at your home or at one of our chapels at a suitable time during normal office hours. They will then guide you through our service packages and options including transfers, casket selection, embalming and subsequent funeral service offerings and attend to all necessary documentation, newspaper notices and death registration. Our Website which you are currently visiting will also guide you through our package offerings.

What is Hygienic Services/ Embalming?

Basic hygienic services entail the cleansing, setting of the deceased’s facial features, dressing and casketing. Embalming is the process to preserve, to sanitise and to assist in the presentation of the deceased (this will be discussed when meeting with one of our Funeral Directors).

Does every item get cremated along with the casket?

Yes everything does get cremated. This includes the casket, handles, and flowers, if the family so wish. Also any jewellery that has been left on your loved one or special objects or letters placed within the casket.

The items that do not cremate are usually glass and pacemakers (these are removed prior to the cremation process). Artificial joints do not cremate and are recycled at the completion of the cremation process (all proceeds from the recycling of artificial joints are donated fully to The Christchurch Charitable Hospital, Bishopdale).

Why have a viewing?

A viewing is a chance to spend some private time with your loved one, where you can say that final goodbye, it also gives you an opportunity to place special items in the casket if you wish. Remember though a viewing is not for everyone and if you choose not to this is okay. You will have your own special way of saying goodbye.

Can one witness the cremation?

The cremator is fully enclosed so it is not possible to view the cremation. However by special request it is possible to be present to witness the placing of the casket into the cremator.

What type of cremation Urns are available?

There are a variety of urn types to suit all needs, including scatter urns. Your Funeral Director will show you our catalogue.

Can I personalize my funeral service?

Yes you can. Funerals are a celebration of your loved one’s life. You may have special music you wish to have played. There may be a DVD tribute to play, special things you may wish to place on or around the casket. Your Funeral Director will help you plan all these details so that you can celebrate your loved one’s life the way you feel most comfortable.

What are your payment terms and options for payments?

Due to the unique package offerings and pricing, we do not run credit accounts. Full payment is to be made on or before the funeral service or the day of cremation.

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